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Child Pornography Lawyer Alexandria VA – Do Not Become A Sex Offender. Fight It Now!

A child pornography conviction can lead to devastating changes to your life and it could end your family and professional life. In the age of the internet and technology, images and videos can be easily accessed and captured by law enforcement authorities to prove you guilty. A child pornography Alexandria VA case starts with a search warrant where equipment like computers, laptops, smartphones, hard drives, external hard drives, video players, and cameras are seized. The information may be obtained from a friend, agent, neighbor, computer technician, or those who have access to the system. This is where, the assistance of child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can come in handy.

Anyone accused of child pornography in Alexandria VA, before making any statements to the police has to talk to their lawyer. The defendant has to be careful not to make any statement to anyone outside relating to the case facts. This includes close family and friends as well. Remember, anything you say directly or indirectly can be used against you during the course of the trial. The defendant has to exercise their right to remain silent and speak to child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA immediately.

If the law enforcement officers have confiscated your equipment do not expect it to be back soon. Any new electronic item you replace may be under surveillance till you are proved to be not guilty. Accept the fact that all eyes will be on you and plan accordingly and engage a child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA as quickly as possible. Only a reliable child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA can save you from the mess.

Similarly, the possession of child pornography content is a serious offense and leads to federal or state charges or both; therefore, speak to your lawyer soon. Only a learned lawyer Alexandria VA knows that in most jurisdictions possession of objectionable content on a minor is a felony offense. The offender may be asked to register as a sex offender and the tag will follow him for life. Those charged with the crime should understand that regular pornography may not be a crime in certain jurisdictions but objectionable content of minor is a serious offense, especially if you have intent and needs a lawyer to fight your stance. This means, the prosecutor has to prove the possession of the content and the intent, and also you have adequate reasoning about the veracity of the content and its character.

Another common defense taken by the child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA is blindly downloading the content without being aware of what is inside. Some links do not allow review before download and only later the defendant finds it is objectionable in nature. The link could be forwarded by newsgroup or other sites. Sometimes the images are download in bulk and it could be in a zip file batch. The most common means is hacking attacks. In this case, you do not have control over your computer. These hackers download and view child pornography files without your knowledge and leave tracks on your computer. In such cases, only an Alexandria VA lawyer can help you.

In the state of Virginia, the defense for viewing pornographic images on a home computer is that though they may have watched the obscene content, they may not have downloaded and saved it on the computer, which means he knowingly did not possess the content as prescribed by the child pornography Alexandria VA law.

Another defense by child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA is that though, the person saw the content, he might have left it immediately after becoming aware of its malicious nature. This can be used as a defense by the lawyer. Even in this case, the history remains on the defendant’s computer and this cause is insufficient to convict a person for child pornography in Alexandria VA. It is used as a defense by your lawyer.

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The importance of digital evidence in child pornography case in Alexandria VA

In the past, police used to seize magazines, videotapes, and photos from your home. But in the digital age, police are more interested in the digital transaction of obscene content on a minor. It is easier to reach the digital footprint of the transactions the offender is engaged in when compared to hard material. Today soft material has taken over the traditional storage medium.

Forensic interference

The digital content confiscated from your premises will be sent to the forensic expert to build up strong evidence against you. Digital evidence can ease the burden of proof on the prosecutor. The state depends on the forensic experts to prove the material collected from the premises of the defendant is child pornography content and then the burden of proof lies on the child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA to prove it otherwise. Most child pornography lawyer Alexandria VA has experienced forensic experts by their side to smash the evidence of the prosecutor.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and our lawyers have experience in handling serious child pornography Alexandria VA cases and can help the clients see the light of the day quickly.