Drug Lawyer Alexandria VA

Drug Lawyer Alexandria VA – Helps with the Best Defenses and Strategies

Drug offences are viewed as very serious offences in the entire of the United States. Virginia being one of the strictest states in the US in terms of law enforcement and penalties levied considers various kinds of narcotic offences as felony charges. Whether one is caught possessing or consuming banned substance, the charges and the punishments are very severe in Virginia. The only person who can help the defendants best in such times is the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. as they come with hands on experience in such cases.

Instances where a drug lawyer Alexandria VA can help

It is not necessary that every person who has been caught with banned substance is the real culprit. More often than not and across numerous cases, people carrying narcotics do not even know what is inside the sealed packets that they agreed to carry and deliver to somebody on behalf of certain friends or acquaintances, in the process of helping them. Unfortunately in several cases, innocent people who do not bother to check the parcels that they agree to carry for helping out their friends get caught with banned substance. But once caught, it is a long road to justice for them because of the adverse circumstantial evidences.

If somebody is facing similar dilemmas in Alexandria, nobody but only an accomplished drug lawyer Alexandria VA can help in the matter. It is not easy for drug lawyer Alexandria VA prove the innocence of their clients in such cases. But with years of handling similar cases, drug lawyer Alexandria VA is able to seek justice for their clients. If somebody gets caught with narcotics for the first time and drug lawyer Alexandria VA sees no option other than the client serving probation, drug lawyer Alexandria VA strategizes the case likewise.

The kinds of banned substance cases that one can be tried in, has been divided into several categories. The categories are as follows:

  • Possession of marijuana

Marijuana has been classified for medical usages in the US. Therefore, if somebody is found possessing or consuming marijuana, he/she can be tried for misdemeanor with a maximum jail term 30 and/or fine of $500.  If somebody is caught the second time, he/she can be tried for Class 1 misdemeanor with a maximum jail term of 1 year and/or fine of $2500.

  • Possession of prescription medicines without prescription

In many instances several people are found to be consuming prescriptions medicines without a valid prescription. Such usages are termed illegal in the US and are tried for federal crime.

  • Possession of banned substance device

 If a person is not caught with drugs but with any device like inhaler or injection that is used for consuming banned substance, then too, the person can be tried for misdemeanor charges.

Factors that drug lawyer Alexandria VA considers for formulating strategies

Courts in Alexandria consider the following four factors when deciding upon the punishments in each of the narcotics case:

  • The kind of substances recovered from the defendants
  • The amount of substances recovered
  • Past record of the defendant in similar charges
  • Location
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Since the above mentioned factors play the most important role in every case, a drug lawyer Alexandria VA also pays the utmost heed to these four crucial factors while formulating the strategies for defending their clients in the courts.

The defenses that are generally used by drug lawyer Alexandria VA

A drug lawyer Alexandria VA in defense of his/her clients uses various defenses to bail them out of the charges. Some of the common defenses that are put forth by drug lawyer Alexandria VA are:

  • Contesting the identification of banned substance
  • Contesting the amount of narcotics recovered
  • Lawful possession of prescription medicine
  • Unlawful searches and seizures by the police
  • Misconduct on the part of the police
  • Proving that client was not in possession of narcotics but somebody else was

How crucial is the role of drug lawyer Alexandria VA?

It goes without saying that the role of drug lawyer Alexandria VA is crucial to protect your rights. Such cases are complicated and are not everybody’s forte except for drug lawyer Alexandria VA. There are innumerable banned substances across various schedules for controlled substances in the US. The penalties for different substances are therefore not same. It takes the acumen of drug lawyer Alexandria VA to use the best strategies in every such case to help the clients to come out of such accusations unscathed. Other than consumption of narcotics, the possession and distribution of narcotics also invites harsh penalties in Alexandria. Therefore, only an accomplished drug lawyer Alexandria VA can formulate the right strategies that help their clients with added confidence in such dire times.

Every banned substance case is not the same. Some people, in spite of knowing the consequences, indulge in consumption and distribution of narcotics; others get caught in it unknowingly. It is for the latter especially that the role of drug lawyer Alexandria VA is extremely crucial. If somebody faces charges of narcotics possession in spite of being completely innocent, there cannot be a bigger travesty than this. Drug lawyer Alexandria VA therefore ensures that no innocent person is made to suffer punishment for a crime that he/she has not even committed. But proving somebody’s innocence is not an easy task. It takes a massive effort on the part of drug lawyer Alexandria VA to help such people prove their innocence.

Disadvantage of fighting without the assistance of drug lawyer Alexandria VA

Narcotics related cases cannot be fought in Alexandria without the help of a drug lawyer Alexandria VA with confidence. Several years of expertise and knowledge that drug lawyer Alexandria VA comes with, makes a world of difference to every such case. Only drug lawyer Alexandria VA can give their clients some best strategies, defenses and self-assurance.

These charges are not simple. Other than the penalties served, they take a huge toll on the defendant’s reputation. Only a drug lawyer Alexandria VA can help people facing such charges come out clean with their goodwill intact. This holds especially true for those who are absolutely innocent and get involved in such cases.