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Obtaining Acquittal with Professional Assistance

If you are imposed with a fraud charge in Alexandria VA, it can be the most difficult phase of your life. Your life is no longer normal. Every person you encounter after the Fraud charge in Alexandria VA is prejudiced in his/her approach to your life. You feel you are being judged for every act that you do. It is such challenging phases that necessitate the retaining of an Alexandria VA lawyer skilled in handling fraud charges. A charge for fraud can bring you unexplainable humiliation and you are looked upon as someone who has cheated people around him for several years in the past. To put an end to such traumatic experiences, you should speak about your fraud charge to an efficient lawyer at Alexandria VA.

The next question that crops in your mind, “How do I identify the right fraud lawyer to defend my case in Alexandria VA?”. It is true that identifying true professional lawyers proficient in dealing with fraud charges is the most difficult task in your criminal case. Finding the right lawyer who can work on obtaining dismissal involves a thorough analysis. The internet can be relied on to some extent to find a fraud lawyer suitable to represent your case in Alexandria VA.

Retaining Experienced Attorneys

The most important criteria for identifying the lawyer who can win dismissal of your fraud charge in Alexandria VA is the professional history of the lawyer. Your Alexandria VA lawyer should have technical knowledge in criminal law practice and should have represented clients charged with fraud. In addition to field expertise, the Alexandria VA lawyer should be familiar with the local practices in the Courts of Alexandria. The lawyer you choose to retain should have effectively represented clients in the past. To ascertain the field experience of your lawyer, you can check testimonials by clients. Speaking to the lawyer about your fraud charge will give you a fair idea about the experience and skill of your Alexandria VA lawyer. Your lawyer should be accomplished in effectively arguing criminal defense and should have represented fraud cases in Alexandria VA.

With changing times and an increase in the number of cons in society, people assume every act that has even the slightest iota of deceit can be legally charged as fraud. Anyone making allegations of fraud on an accused in Alexandria VA comes forward with a complaint merely because the loss was caused due to the acts of the accused such as losing a credit card, or proof that one’s personal details were misused or a bad check was deposited. Your lawyer in Alexandria VA will clarify the different types of fraud and the proof required for a conviction. The law requires certain statutory elements to be fulfilled. Only if the Alexandria VA case fulfills the required criteria, fraud can be charged in VA.

Proof Required

The VA criminal law provides that certain elements including intention should be present for imposing a fraud charge on an accused in Alexandria VA. The Code requires that the accused should have made some misrepresentation in Alexandria VA. The misrepresentation can be of any nature. Such a misrepresentation should be made knowingly. If the accused had made a misrepresentation in Alexandria VA like forging documents or signatures, fraud can be charged.

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The law also specifies that the accused should have the intention to make such misrepresentation. If an accused unknowingly makes a misrepresentation without the intention, it is not fraud in Alexandria VA. The prosecution should prove that the accused had misrepresented knowing that the statement was untrue and the untrue statements were conveyed with intention of causing damage.

Another common offense is, possessing any seal belonging to a government officer in VA. Forging banknotes is treated seriously in Alexandria and the accused can be guilty of a class 4 felony. If one uses a fake check to purchase some goods, then a <b>class 4 felony</b> can be imposed.

The act of stealing one’s private information such as names, details, social security numbers, fingerprints, biometric data, and other such information is punishable as identity theft. Most people are unaware that using an expired credit card is punishable, say lawyers. Similarly using a credit card of another person without the other person’s consent is punishable under criminal law. If one obtains money beyond the allowed credit limit, fraud is said to have been committed, say our Alexandria lawyers.

Any act of stealing information that can give access to another person’s financial information is considered identity theft. Identity theft also includes the act of obtaining loans or other financial benefits by making use of the victim’s information, say, lawyers. Any act of impersonating an enforcement officer is considered a grave crime.

Any fraud charge concerning deceitful behavior not only brings severe consequences to your criminal record, it also results in serious embarrassment. You begin to notice that you are no longer contacted by your friends. Your presence is shunned at family gatherings. Any normal conversation with you does not begin or end with questions about your criminal charge. Such incidents damage your esteem and you begin to get depressed, say lawyers. This depressing state of mind affects your productivity at your workplace that may even result in being terminated from your job. At this point, you should remember that when such fraud charges can distance your relationship with your friends and family, it will no doubt have a great impact on your relationship with your colleagues.

If you intend to avoid enduring such traumatic and emotionally disturbing situations, you should immediately hire an experienced lawyer who will guide you through the fraud charge. Obtaining acquittal at the earliest is the only solution to do away with such a social boycott. For immediate acquittal, you need to retain lawyers who are aware of the procedures in Alexandria VA.

Our Alexandria VA lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. are familiar with the law and can ensure that you obtain a beneficial order.