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Attorneys Guidance is Indispensable to Obtain Acquittal in a Grand Larceny Charge in Alexandria VA

Being innocent and being imposed with grand larceny charges in Alexandria VA can be traumatic and tormenting. Not knowing the legal elements and statutory requirements of the grand larceny offense can cause further anxiety. You may bring respite to your suffering by hiring the adept criminal defense lawyers in Alexandria VA. The lawyers at The Law Office Of SRIS, P.C. have dealt with several cases involving grand larceny charges and are familiar with the aspects that have to be proven.

You may be wondering, “What acts can lead to a grand larceny offense in Alexandria VA?” Our lawyers often explain that Virginia criminal law differentiates the charge into grand larceny and petit larceny. The seriousness of the charge in Alexandria VA depends upon the value of things alleged to have been taken. If the value is high, you will be slapped with grand larceny. If the value of the things allegedly taken is less, then you will be imposed with petit larceny in Alexandria VA.

Some offenders who have previously been convicted for theft or grand larceny offense often wonder if their criminal history will affect the present grand larceny offense in Alexandria VA. Our Alexandria VA lawyers inform that the grand jury or judge’s discretion decides whether past criminal convictions affect the present charge. However, it is important for the accused to inform the Alexandria VA lawyers about their previous criminal charges. If such vital aspects of your criminal history are concealed from your grand larceny lawyers, any strategy that the lawyers adopt to win your grand larceny case will fail. The lawyers who are proceeding with a given strategy on the assumption that you have a flawless record will be given a rude shock when the prosecution mentions your previous history. Bear in mind, being transparent with your lawyer in Alexandria VA is important.

Framing defenses for your grand larceny offense is one of the most important tasks. For preparing winning defenses you must discuss the case with your lawyers. Every lawyer has his/her own approach to the grand larceny defenses. The grand larceny lawyer’s accomplished experience in the field will indicate the manner in which he will approach your grand shoplifting charge in Alexandria VA. There are several defenses applicable for these charges. The technique most applicable to your Alexandria VA charge is to be tactfully presented.

One of the most common defenses is arguing that the property or things allegedly stolen belongs to the accused. If the accused has sufficient proof to indicate that he/she is the owner of the goods alleged to be stolen, then it can lead to the dismissal of the charge. Your Alexandria VA lawyers will inform you that proving that you are the owner is not an easy task. You will be required to submit documents indicating that you are the owner and are not merely in possession.

Another common defense presented by lawyers for the grand larceny offense in Alexandria VA is that the accused believed that the said property belonging to him. There is no provision in the law criminalizing possession of things one believed to be the owner, say Alexandria VA lawyers. The accused should submit proof that he/she believed in good faith that the property belonged to him, say Alexandria VA lawyers.

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Entrapment Defense

Entrapment is another common defense presented by the criminal lawyers in Alexandria VA for a grand larceny charge. This works if the accused submits sufficient proof that indicates that he/she has been entrapped into taking the said property and if not for the entrapment the act of stealing could never have occurred. If the accused had innocently committed the offense, on being entrapped by another person, the lawyers will aggressively argue entrapment as a defense for then grand larceny offense in Alexandria VA.

The criminal defense lawyers in Alexandria VA will inform you that where consent of the owner is proved, there is no case of grand larceny and the charge will be dismissed. However, mere statements that the owner consented to the taking of the property are not sufficient. Testimony from the owner that he/she consented to the accused taking the things should be included as part of the case, say Alexandria VA lawyers.

The Inexorable Effect on Your Future Opportunities

One of the main reasons for hiring lawyers for your grand larceny offense is due to the impact it has on your credibility. Honesty is an important trait in job prospects, this warrants a flawless record. Having a grand larceny offense on your record greatly affects the possibility of obtaining gainful employment. More often, Alexandria VA offenders see gainful employment being ceased from them due to the presence of a grand larceny offense on their criminal record. Also representing the criminal charge by yourself will provide you lesser benefits and more losses.

On proceeding by yourself, you are overburdened. Having to deal with the agony of the charge as well as the hectic court proceedings, you are bound to make mistakes that will complicate your case. Your case may seem to be simple and you may feel confident in representing the case by yourself. The fact you fail to foresee in these circumstances is that the prosecution would have worked hard to ensure your conviction. How can you expect to win against the aggressive arguments of the prosecutor who has several years of courtroom experience?

Also, if you are proceeding by yourself, the law enforcement will compel you to give incriminating statements or the commonwealth attorney will ask you to plead guilty. Pleading guilty is not a sensible choice when you are equipped with enough evidence to dismiss the charge. Due to your inexperience in dealing with such matters, you may fail to check if the evidence is available. This important task will be cautiously completed by your lawyer in Alexandria VA.

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