Rape Lawyer Alexandria VA


Sex crimes are one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed against, and by a person. No wonder that the punishment for sex crimes is also very severe. Whether one has been sexually wronged or is facing the charges of sex crime in Virginia, the services of rape lawyer Alexandria VA are absolutely essential. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. understands the severity of the crime and works towards reducing or dismissing the case before it dampens the reputation of the defendant.

Cases wherein rape lawyer Alexandria VA comes in

Sexual crimes have been divided into various sub divisions. The magnitude of the punishment depends upon the grievousness of the crime and the age of the victim and his/ her relation with the perpetrator. The quantum of punishment becomes very high in case the sexual crime has been committed against a minor. That apart, if such a crime is committed by a parent, a close relative or by somebody in the close circle of the child, the quantum of punishment increases further. Similarly, the quantum of punishment also depends upon the fact that whether the given crime is committed against a spouse, an incapacitated person or the crime is that of a gang rape.

The services of rape lawyer Alexandria VA is required both ways; whether the crime has been committed against a person or if the person is facing the charges of the crime. There have been several cases off late wherein several people have been falsely accused of sex crimes by somebody only to seek revenge owing to some issues that may have happened in the past between the two people. Such false accusations can mar the reputation and mental health of the accused for life. In such cases too, the services of rape lawyer Alexandria VA are extremely important to serve justice to the right person.

How does a rape lawyer Alexandria VA proceed is such cases?

This type of sex crime is one of the most difficult cases to handle even for the most seasoned rape lawyer Alexandria VA. This is because in most of such crimes, the victim is much intimidated and therefore, does not come forth to record complaint and discuss everything about the incident. That apart, at certain times, the witnesses of the case may also turn hostile and turn the case. If the circumstantial evidences like semen or saliva are not taken right after the incident and preserved properly, this aspect may deny justice to the victim. If these factors concern a gang rape case, proceeding in the case may become all the more complicated for lawyer Alexandria VA.

In spite of the difficulties posed in such cases, the first task for rape lawyer Alexandria VA is to look into all types of circumstantial and physical evidences present in the case. Victims in such cases are already grappling with extreme mental trauma other than the physical trauma received in the incident. It is the duty of the rape lawyer Alexandria VA to make the victim comfortable and to ensure that she/he divulges all the details of the incident to rape lawyer Alexandria VA and in court as and when required.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

All the evidences required for every such case may not be readily available for rape lawyer Alexandria VA. Therefore rape lawyer Alexandria VA has to swing into action immediately when taking up a case so that no time is lost in getting hold of every possible evidence.

Rape shield law in Virginia and the role of rape lawyer Alexandria VA

The law in Virginia sets a limit to which either the defendant or the accused person’s past sexual behavior can be presented in the court. This also sets limits to the cross examination that either of them can be subjected to with regards to the same. This has been done to prevent both the defendant and the accused getting humiliated on account of their sexual history. Therefore, in every case that a rape lawyer Alexandria VA takes upon, it is their duty to get the rape shield laws invoked in case he/she sees the client being unduly harassed in court by the opposition lawyer.

The common defenses that are used by rape lawyer Alexandria VA

This type of charge comes under the ambit of Class 1 Misdemeanor or Felony depending upon the grievousness of the crime. Either ways, such charges not only bring upon fines and sentences from one to twenty years, but they also leave an indelible mark on one’s reputations. Since the law allows every accused to fight the charges levied on them, rape lawyer Alexandria VA helps such people in the endeavor.

Rape charges are one of the hardest to contest even for the most accomplished lawyer Alexandria VA. It takes lot of strategizing and putting forth of evidences on the part of rape lawyer Alexandria VA to prove the innocence of their clients.

There are various defenses that a rape lawyer Alexandria VA may use for defending their clients facing the charges.

  • No sexual activity: In cases where there are no direct and telling evidences of sexual activity, rape lawyer Alexandria VA can argue on behalf of the client that no sexual activity took place as alleged.
  • Consent: This defense is especially used in cases wherein the rape charges are levied against somebody with whom the defendant may have been in a relation. If there is no telltale signs of force used, rape lawyer Alexandria VA can prove in the court that the sexual activity took place with the consent of the two individuals. Such a defense cannot be used in cases wherein the defendant is a minor, or is an adult who is mentally or physically incapacitated.
  • Mistaken identity: This defense used by rape lawyer Alexandria VA can hold true in cases wherein witnesses can claim the innocence of the accused. These are relevant especially in gang rape cases wherein some people may have been wrongly accused in spite of being innocent.
  • Mentally unfit: If there are proofs against a person of committing sexual crime yet there are evidences that he has been mentally unfit, rape lawyer Alexandria VA may call for a lenient punishment for the accused.