Sex Crime Lawyer Alexandria VA

Sex Crime Lawyer Alexandria Virginia

The courts in Virginia handle sex crimes with an iron hand. Not all sexual offenses witness physical contact. Digital sex crimes are equally serious to the ones that involve direct physical contact. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C will be able to explain the veracity of the offense and how to get you out of a conviction. The sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA will inform you about the damage to your reputation that accompanies a proven sexual violation. It is important that unjust conviction be removed from the record. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA proves useful in these scenarios.

Sex crime and its types

An offense of this nature can be interpreted as the act of forcing another person to involve in sexual activity. In most cases, physical contact is made against the consent of the victim. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA handle offenses that include victims with mental or physically infirm and minors. Thus, the factor of coercion is the main requisite that aids in validating the offense. In an online offense, the intent is taken as a factor to charge the person of the offense.

A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is acquainted with the similar cases that are frequently brought to the notice of the Virginian courts. Some of the common transgressions are explained herein.


Some of these circumstances include:

Rape is coercing a person into sexual interaction. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is familiar with the circumstances that lead to rapes in Virginia.
  • Rape can be committed against the consent of another person by using deadly force, issuing threats, etc.
  • Rape can be committed as a result of taking advantage of the mental instability or physical incapability of the victim.
  • Under-aged rapes are also common in Virginia. In most cases, the rapped child would have lacked the maturity to apprehend the moves by the perpetrator.
Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Sexual offenses on minors

Rape, oral, anal intercourse, and abuse through object penetration are some of the offenses that are committed against under-aged minors. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA concludes on the nature of the performed perpetration by examining the ages of the perpetrator and abused minor.

  • The reported violation is prosecuted as a felony of class 4 during circumstances, wherein the affected minor is between 13 and 15 years of age and the transgressor is also a minor, who is at least 3 years older than the former. On the other hand, the reported indecent interaction is acknowledged as a misdemeanor of class 4 during circumstances, wherein the difference between the defendant and under-aged victim (who is between 13 and15 years of age) is less than 3 years.
  • If the abused minor is 15 years of age or more and is observed to be confined to a juvenile correctional facility, the reported violation is recognized as a felony of class 4. The same treatment is adopted for cases, wherein the victims are found to be the employees of a juvenile rehabilitation unit.

A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is acquainted with the legal attributes of an offense that involves an under-aged victim. Juvenile crimes attract serious penalties from the courts. If the performed offense is highly offensive, the situation goes out of control. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is guaranteed to be a huge source of assistance in these circumstances.


Pornography is a sexual offense that is recorded on a digital platform. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA conceives pornography as the act of manufacturing, possessing, or distributing sexually arousing digital contents. The pornographic contents may include sexually offensive photographs, videos, textual conversations, etc. A pornographic criminal conviction turns highly serious when it observes minors as victims. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is familiar with the legal complications of a pornographic offense that included contents featuring an under-aged minor.


Prostitution is the act of involving in indecent activity with a person in exchange for money or rewards. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is aware of the ill effects of prostitution as a misdemeanor of class 1.

Spreading infection

This offense involves perpetrators, who intentionally spread sexual infection by engaging in such activities. Common infections include AIDS, Hepatitis B, syphilis, etc. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is acquainted with the procedures involved in the prosecution of this felonious crime. If the perpetrators accidentally spread their infections, the offenses are reduced to misdemeanors.

Defenses rendered by a sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA

The charges can be eliminated or diluted with the help of appropriate defenses. A lawyer is highly capable of preparing and presenting defenses that best suit the requirements of a lawsuit.

The following are some of the common defenses delivered by a sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA:

  • The main element of perpetration is the denied consent of the victim. Nullification of a conviction is possible when the lawyer in Alexandria VA presents adequate reasonable evidence to validate the fact that the defendant made contact only after receiving consent from the victim.
  • In several cases, the affected person would have rendered zero resistance to the forwards of the transgressor. Non-opposition of contact can also be understood as an acceptance of the same. During these circumstances, a sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA argues that the victim did not resist or defend the advancement.
  • On several occasions, the sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA claims that the offender was not aware of the age of the abused minor.
  • A considerable portion of the lawsuits is filed on the grounds of false allegations. A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA would have observed cases wherein the victims falsely allege that the defendants committed the offense that did not occur in the first place. In these cases, a sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA is obligated to unearth the truth in the accusation placed by the alleged victim.
  • An individual can also be wrongly identified as a culprit. The lawyer Alexandria VA puts forth necessary evidence to establish the innocence of the wrongly accused defendant.

A sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA possesses adequate expertise and experience to diligently handle such crimes. A proven conviction can bring in numerous penalties including imprisonments, fines, criminal history, etc. Speedy and favorable progress of a lawsuit is ensured only when guided by a sex crime lawyer Alexandria VA associated with the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.