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Both the crimes – prostitution and solicitation of prostitution – are described as state offense and is addressed under the state statute. The legal elements have to be proved beyond doubt to convict a person for any of the crimes mentioned above. The assistance of solicitation of prostitution lawyers is crucial in this regard. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has long-standing experience in handling cases of similar nature. The challenge arises for the prosecutor to prove the offense. The state has to prove that an invitation, offer, an advertisement for solicitation was given. For instance, offering companionship service that is sexual in nature. The prosecution has to prove that there was a willful agreement to the service of a prostitute. The exchange of money or kind for sex has to be established.

Circumstantial evidence can be crucial to charge a person for solicitation and the guidance of an experienced lawyer cannot be brushed aside in this case. Evidence like carrying money or making a visit to a nefarious locality where prostitution is practiced is a must. However, when compared to prostitution, solicitation comes with a lesser sentence.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer


The solicitation of prostitution is classified as a misdemeanor and comes with a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of $1,000. In some states, the driver’s license is suspended and in some states, the solicitation offenders are sent for sex addiction treatment or counseling. Repeat offenders face severe penalties and need the assistance of a reputed lawyer to come out of the litigation unscathed. In some jurisdictions, the individuals charged with solicitation are required to register as sex offenders. The jail time and fines are higher for repeat offenders. There are instances of cases where the solicitation of a prostitution lawyer can help reduce the charges and thereby cut down on the severity of the penalty. They enroll the offender in a diversion program that comes with an educational course, a petty court fine, and fulfilling other requirements by the court. Once this is completed successfully the case is dismissed.

In some serious solicitation of prostitution cases, the lawyer may be able to cut down on the charges, if it does not involve sexual components like disturbing the peace or trespassing. Here a plea agreement is reached and the defendant can avoid being registered as a sex offender.

Defenses against solicitation of prostitution

Each case may be different and the solicitation of a prostitution lawyer needs to adopt defenses depending on the type of crime. Each defense strategy followed by the solicitation of prostitution lawyer may vary for the same type of case and it largely depends on the circumstances and the witnesses available. The most commonly used strategy could be entrapment defense. A trap may be laid by a police officer to induce a person into the act. The officer may encourage a person to participate in such an activity. This could be done through online or offline means. The trap may be direct or indirect to implicate them in the crime. In most cases, the defendant will not be aware he was lured into the trap. The defense in this would be that the defendant would not have engaged in the act if the officer had not aggressively pursued him into the crime.

The case becomes weak when there is no supporting evidence. The evidence being circumstantial, it has to be supported by an intent. The solicitation of prostitution lawyer could be a vital source to identify the loopholes in the prosecution’s evidence. A good solicitation of prostitution lawyer will discredit the prosecution’s evidence to get the desired outcome for their client. The solicitation of prostitution lawyer acts on behalf of the defendant and negotiates a plea bargain to reduce the charges or dismiss the charge completely.

How a solicitation of prostitution lawyer can help?

The effectiveness of the role of a lawyer in the case is determined by the type of defense used. The solicitation of prostitution lawyers positions their argument based on the facts, witness’ testimony, and other pieces of evidence. The stronger the argument, the better are the chances of defense.

An experienced solicitation of prostitution lawyer will be able to squash the evidence through legitimate argument on the information or items. If it involves an online solicitation and the computer or device is not owned by the accused, the defense becomes stronger. Moreover, if the person solicitation of prostitution is unreliable then the testimony may not be admissible if the lawyer is able to prove against it.

Sometimes, illegal searches are conducted and are a violation of the Fourth Amendment rights bestowed on every American citizen. Illegal search can make it difficult to prove the attempt to convict a person for solicitation of prostitution. Since the person cannot pay for solicitation of prostitution in person, this gives a chance to overrule the charge. This makes it easier for the lawyer to squash the case against their client.

Another defense used by solicitation of prostitution lawyer is to suppress the evidence. This leads to dismissing charges due to a lack of evidence that otherwise would have led to a conviction. In most cases, suppressing evidence can lead to the dismissal of the case even before the trial stage. This is because if the case goes to court, the suppressed evidence can be advantageous to the defendant and it can increase the change of a not guilty judgment. The solicitation of a prostitution lawyer strives hard to arrange for pretrial dismissal as it saves on time and money.

Hiring a solicitation of prostitution lawyer is the best possible step a defendant can take if he wants to prove them not guilty. Since their reputation is at stake, the defendant at any cost wants to prove their innocence and get out of the case as quickly as possible. This is best done only with the help of solicitation of prostitution lawyer. The lawyer at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., takes all the steps to strengthen the case and get the client out of the lawsuit as quickly as possible.